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In February we started with a floor plan and a dream. We talked to a contractor, who we became very good friends with, and laid out plans for a new house. Lots of work went into tearing down the old house, putting in the new septic system, laying new water lines, and burying new electrical lines.


Finally we started building the house with pouring the footings, pouring the foundation, and setting the house. We have never been so tired, with working at our jobs and coming home and working on the home.


We moved into the new house on September 26th. While building the house we lived in the camper in our back yard, but it was worth all the time and work. We really enjoy our new home.

Our love,

Raymond and Patricia O.

Raymond and Patricia O.

Marlene W.

Hi all,

I thought I would just send you a picture of the new home now that the old one's gone! It will look even nicer next spring when the grass gets started. You can see we graded the hilltop. Talk to you later! Hope you are all doing ok.

Take care,

— Marlene W.

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Paul and Marlene

Hi and thanks so much for coming clear up here to fix the garage wall after the incident. You and your crew have a great summer and take care!

— Paul and Marlene